• Client: TAKAIYAMA inc.
  • Location: Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo
  • Usage: Exhibition Design
  • Architects: DDAA
  • Construction: Kogazo / E&Y
  • Floor area: 243m²
  • Date of completion: Sep/2017
  • Photo: Ogawa Masaki
  • Grid System and Domino System
  • Hideyuki Yamano of graphic design office TAKAIYAMA asked us to design an exhibition space for his solo show at Design Koishikawa, a design venue that operated until the end of 2018. Architect Hideyuki Nakayama had already written a text entitled "Design Koishikawa and Graphic Design" before we started designing. In this text, Nakayama discusses "grids" as an important interface between architecture and graphic design with reference to Yamano's graphic design and the spatial design of Design Koishikawa. We were greatly inspired by the text and started thinking about how to incorporate "grids" as an important element in our design. …

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