Dappled House

  • Client: KOMORI / DAQ
  • Location: Minato-ku,Tokyo
  • Usage: Rental Kitchen / Showroom
  • Architects: Daisuke Motogi Architecture
  • Project Team: Daisuke Motogi / Yousuke Itoh
  • Construction: Kogazo
  • Furniture Production: E&Y
  • Floor area: 147.47m²
  • Date of completion: Sep/2017
  • Photo: Kenta Hasegawa
  • The existing building, built in 1986 at the height of the "bubble economy" period in Japan, is a typical example of so-called "bubble architecture".
  • The first floor with the floor area of approximately 100 m2 has grand entry features including a revolving door like a hotel and the double-height entrance hall occupying one third of the entire floor. The entrance hall floor is finished with flashy mosaic tiles, which effects are intensified by vivid gold lines on both side walls.

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