Dappled House 4F / Private Room

  • Client: KOMORI
  • Location: Minato-ku,Tokyo
  • Usage: Second House
  • Architects: DDAA inc.
  • Project Team: Daisuke Motogi / Yousuke Itoh / Kazuya Sumida
  • Construction: Kogazo
  • Furniture Production: E&Y
  • Planting Design: Qusamura
  • Book Direction: good and son
  • Floor area: 107.4m²
  • Date of completion: Feb/2018
  • Photo: Kenta Hasegawa / Shinkennchiku-sha
  • A room for wine lovers
    Architects usually have to deal with many conditions given by clients, especially when designing a house, because it directly affects people's life. They spend large amount of money in building it and then spend many hours in it once it is built.

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