avex artist academy aoyama studio

  • Client: AVEX Inc.
  • Producer: Transit General Office Inc.
  • Location: Minato-ku,Tokyo
  • Usage: Dance Studio,Training Room
  • Architects: DDAA
  • Project Team: Daisuke Motogi / Yousuke Itoh / Kazuya Sumida
  • Construction: GARDE
  • Furniture Production: E&Y
  • Floor area: 1196.36m²
  • Date of completion: June/2018
  • Photo: Kenta Hasegawa
  • The most popular way to organize various items would be to "clear things away". For example, one can completely clear all items away from the desktop and hide them in closets or somewhere out of sight. In fact, there are also other ways to organize various items, such as to "place them on a grid", "line them up from smallest to largest", or "paint them all white". One might find alternative ways to organize things other than to "clear things away", if one takes a fresh look at the desktop and conceptualize how things should be organized in this particular context.…

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