• ARCHIZINES is a traveling exhibition started from the Architectural Association in London.
    ARCHIZINES is a showcase of new architecture fanzines, journals and magazines from around the world that provide an alternative to the established architectural press. Launched by Elias Redstone, the project celebrates and promotes independent and alternative publishing as an arena for architectural commentary, criticism and research, and as a creative platform for new photography, illustration and design.
  • In order to start ARCHIZINES OSAKA, we exhibited not only Archizines that is published all over the world now, but Japanese Archizines from 1920's as original content of ARCHIZINES OSAKA.Additionally, we exhibit "Architect Zines" made by 10 Japanese Architects printed about described the concept of their works and architectonics thinking.
  • World Edition of Archizines has separately published all over the world from around 2000. We would like to help someone to feel the relationship between each Archizine and Archizine as the experience of this exhibition. More specifically, the relationship about World Edition of Archizines is geographical differences and dimensions. About Japanese Archizines is the course of history for Japanese architectural fanzines, journals and magazines. So regarding to world edition of Archizines , we divide into country-by-country and put them on the table that's exactly the same size as Archizines. About Japanese one we made clear bookshelves for just 1 book, and put them in a chronological line on a wall. Absolutely main emphasis is books and magazines, we aim at shoring up the relationship between each archizine by exhibition design.

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